ABICH developed a specific computing software to simulate the theoretical sun protection factor (SPF) generated by the solar filters in a complete product's composition. ABICH also provides reference emulsions to laboratories and testing organizations as standards for experimental analyses.


Solar filters and SPF standards

Reference standards for the determination of Solar Protection Factors (SPF) 
Certified reference emulsions to perform in vivo in vitro SPF tests on Sunscreens.



SPF reference standard for in vivo tests according to 
European Cosmetics/COLIPA 2006
and ISO 24444: 2010


Standard P2: SPF 16.1
100 gr 

SPF reference standard for in vivo tests according to 
ISO 24443: 2011 UVA-PF UVA ISO and for in vivo tests according to ISO 24442 UVA PPD


Standard S2: UVA-PF 12.7
100 gr

All reference standard are provided with a certification of the HPLC titration of the sun protection filters and are guaranteed to remain stable at room temperature until the expiration date reported on the package.
The documentation from the stability tests on all the types of reference standard is available.

Delivery within 20 working days.
Delivery expenses for all European countries are included.