The Cell Biology and Toxicology Department at ABICH performs safety and efficacy in vitro tests on specific cell lines and cultured 3D human tissue. The wide range of available test protocols provide an accurate and reliable evaluation range for raw materials and consumer products, including cosmetics, medical devices and textiles, following OECD methods, ISO standards and GLP. 
The Cell Biology Department's personnel is also available to design custom experimental protocols and in vitro models to test sample products for specific features and applications.
The internally available analytical chemistry and microbiology testing facilities grant the possibility to perform multidisciplinary experiments.

Safety tests on specific cell lines

  • Cytotoxicity tests;
  • Cytotoxicity tests  for medical devices according to UNI EN ISO 10993-5 (GLP-certified test);
  • Ocular irritation tests on mono-layer cell cultures o 3D reconstructed corneal epithelium;
  • Ocular corrosion tests according to OECD TG 460 (GLP-certified test);
  • Skin irritation tests on cell cultures in mono-layer or on several types of reconstructed in vitro epithelia (GLP-certified test);
  • Skin irritation tests according to OECD 439 (GLP-certified test);
  • Skin irritation tests according to  OECD 431 (GLP-certified test);
  • Skin corrosion tests according to OECD 435;
  • Basic and advanced skin sensitization tests (THP-1, dendritic cells and hCLAT);
  • Phototoxicity tests  according to OECD 432;
  • Ames test according to OECD 471;
  • In vitro carcinogenesis tests on Balb/3T3 according to B.21, Annex V, Directive 67/548/EEC;
  • Ecotoxicity tests  on Daphnia Magna (OECD 202) and seaweeds (OECD 201).