The Clinical Research Division at ABICH performs tolerability and effecacy tests on healthy volunteers to evaluate cosmetic products designs to act on the skin or mucosae. The tests are performed under the direct medical supervision of dermatologists, allergologists and other specialized medical personnel.
Custom testing protocols are also available to support specific product claims.

In vivo safety testing on healthy volunteers

  • Patch test, repeated insult patch test, stinging test (claim "for sensitive skins")
  • HIRPT test for the evaluation of allergenic risks  (Human Repeat Insult Patch Test);
  • Dermatological, ophtalmological and gynecological tests fro the evaluation of the tolerability of cosmetic products;
  • Solar protection tests: SPF and WATER RESISTENCE tests according to European Cosmetics/COLIPA 2006 / ISO 24444:2010, or according to FDA vol 76 n° 117,  June 7th 2011. SPF UVA PPD according to ISO 24442 , Long lasting SPF tests,  SPF and WATER RESISTANCE test according to the Australian AS/NZS 2604:2012 protocol.
  • SPF testing on wet skin, SPF Moisture/Water/Sand/Sweat resistance analysis, SPF persistence evaluation
  • Photo-patch tests;